somecards ny resolutionMERRY CHRISTMAS!

I say it every year, but this year seemed to have come and gone like the wind. Lots happened in 2013, though I think 2012 was most eventful (knee surgery, marriage, new job, moving cities…) The new year always signals a fresh start to me, and though I’ve been delinquent in keeping resolutions in the past, I decided I wanted to make changes in my life, and I guess they can take on the form of resolutions.

jaytherabbit_perfectinThe always witty Jay the Rabbit on how to achieve perfection in beauty (it’s not magic formed in the air)

1. Health + Wellness: Eat, Sleep, Live Better

This is really my catch-all resolution that spans beyond just “lose weight” (which seems to be a perpetual goal anyway.) Apart from eating healthier for more energy, I think it’s a complete lifestyle change. I’m really guilty of sleeping about 5 hrs a night on average, and I’d like to change that, to aim for 7 (6.5?) on weekdays.


2. Read More

I want to be a better writer, and that really starts with reading more to get a feel for writing styles and also increase my volume of knowledge. My goal is to get through the books I’ve bought on my Kindle that have gone untouched by the end of the year (bit lofty?).


3. Think Less

It’s easy to say, but sometimes terribly difficult to do. Worry a little less, live a little more and be grateful for the things life throws at me. 🙂

Hope you’re having a restful, enjoyable holiday season, wherever your adventures take you!


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